Niagara Falls Information In Urdu

Niagara Falls Information In Urdu From Qamar Ali Abbasi Book

Niagara Falls is the most famous falls of the world. It is considered one of the wonders of the world and included in favourite places in tourist list. It is located in North America at the border of the United States of America and Canada. The Niagara Falls is in between Canadian province Ontario and US state of New York.

Niagara was discovered the first time by Father Louis Hennepin in 1678. In 1819 river Niagara was accepted as the border between the USA and Canada. In 1848 Niagara was a village and in 1892 it became a city.

people can reach Niagara from the USA and Canada by aeroplane, train and by road. The two country is connected by train at Niagara. Hear two bridges are found on river Niagara. This bridge is constructed in 1941. It is the most busy track between the USA and Canada.

Most part of the fall is in Canada side. This part can be seen through bridge. There is no Visa restriction for the citizens of the USA and Canada. But visa is necessary for the people belongs to other countries.

Two famous lakes of North America are united by river Niagara. In this river there is an island which divides the Niagara into two parts, from where Niagara Falls started. Niagara Falls has three big parts. The biggest one is in Canada side. Due to its shape it is called Horse Shoe. Its length is 173 feet and width is 2500 feet. Falls towards the USA call American Falls. It is 182 feet in length and 1100 feet in width. Third falls is comparatively small and is called Bridal Veil. From all three falls 202,000 cubic feet water fall. To enjoy by these falls 4 million tourists came Niagara every year. By boat Niagara can be seen very closely. It can also be seen by helicopter.

Niagara Falls are considered a national park in both countries. In United states it is called as Niagara reservation state park and in Canada it is called Victoria Niagara fall park.