Indian Girl Snakes Queen Vishkanya

In Uttar Pradesh, India; there is an strange girl whose friendship is with snakes. This girl has interesed in snakes when she was just two years old. She plays, eat and drink and sleep with them. Her father said that since birth she has not interrest in any thing except snakes. They always afraid with these snakes and have fear of snake bite, but her daughter never afraid with these snakes. People of her village also astonished to see her with snakes, because this is the age when general little girls play with toys, but this girl is playing with snakes instead of toys. Some people says her snake queen and some Vish kanya. Little girs says that she has no fear with these snakes, because these snakes are her friends. She live, sleep and played with them. This girl does not go to school. Instead of going school she passed time with these snakes. Living and playing with these snakes become her hobby. She like to singing and dancing with these snakes. When she slept snakes found around for her protection.
In this video you can see the little girl with a number of snakes. The little Indian girl is eating and playing with snakes. We can see also a large number of snakes around her whe she is sleeping. Her father and neighbours are also seen in this video.