Honolulu Hawaii Dance Bar Shows Urdu Safarnama

Honolulu Hawaii Dance Bar Shows Urdu Safarnama By Qamar Ali Abbasi

Honolulu Hawaii dance bar shows detail is taken from the Urdu Safarnama Book of USA Tour and Travel written by Qamar Ali Abbasi. This story is written in the word of Mr. Abbasi. One day when I was walking in the footpath of Honolulu, Hawaii, I saw a board on which written “Live Dance Show”. I did not understand, because I thought that all dance shows are by live dancer, because dead dancers can’t dance.  Then what is the meaning of this notice board? I reached at the door, a girl was there, invited me to enter the hall. I asked what is inside the hall, she replied “dance”. I could not understand and decided to enter the hall to watch the live dance show. I thought, if I will not watch this dance show, then how can I give the details, if anybody in our country asked me about live dance show of Honolulu? I asked her, how much I will lose my dollar, if I will enter the dance bar? She replied, only four dollars for drinks, and pulled me towards her after holding my hand and request to enter the hall. I entered the dance bar hall. The hall is dark and there is red light.

When I was able to see in the dark, I saw there were two rows of cabin, and a snake shape table made of glass. Below the glass there is light and four bar dancer girls are dancing in loud music. All these things were surprising me. Then a bar girl came and holds my hand and put me on a chair near dancer’s table and asked me, which drink? Soft, I replied. Coke, she asked? Yes, I told. Now I saw her, and confused, whether she was dressed or not, but I am sure that all dancers were without dress.  I was sweated; a dancer girl came on my table and dancing. Detail of dance, I can’t describe, better to watch yourself, if you have good health and dollars in your pocket.

The girl is talking and asking me to give her dollar. A color rubber band was on her thigh, she was showing me that rubber band by pulling, already there were some dollars are inside rubber band. I know the value of dollars, so afraid to loss. After a few moments she became so close me, I became afraid and put five dollar note in her rubber band. She then feel that I can pay her, she asked, are you Spanish? I accepted, she became happy and praising me. I thought that my dress may be like Spanish. Now another girl came and first one gone. New girl is also trying to take dollars from me, she said, give me dollars too. Then a girl who brings cold drink, came and said in my ear, put a dollar in rubber band. I thanked her; she also asked me a dollar for consulting fee.

I became happy, because in this way I can satisfy five dancers by five dollars. The dancer who got five dollars by me came and asked about my residence. I told her, I live in Ala Moana, Hawaii. She asked can I meet in the day. No, I am going to Hawaii at five o clock. Ok, put dollar in my rubber band; I put two dollars in her rubber band. She told, her private shows cost 25 dollars, come on in my front cabin. I worried, if her general show is too hot, then how much hot will be her private show. She said, her item is expiring soon, so tell please tell me quickly. I apologize, she got off the table, a new girl came and stands near me, and requested for dollars. She also offered me to meet her in the day; she said that she is a sales girl in seven eleven.