Some Good and Funny Habits of Pakistani People

Pakistan is a developing country. Most of the people are poor. They have not enough money to purchase necessary household quickly. So instead of throwing old items they try to use them for more days. Though their habits seem to be funny but it is good and interesting. Some poor people with the time become middle class. But they don’t quit their old habits. Some examples are here.

Some Good and Funny Habits of Pakistani People
  • If soap became thin after use; instead of throwing they attach it with the new soap.
  • They role and role toothpaste tube and use it until the last drop.
  • Nice and elegant crockery in the house is only for guest use.
  • They always upset when price of gold increases, even they never buy that.
  • When TV remote cell finished and do not work, they shake the remote instead of changing the cell.
  • Instead of throwing out old T-shirt they use it as a night dress and when it is not usable at night then they use it as a mop.
  • They never throw used shopper, instead put all used small shopper in a big shopper bag.